Saturday, December 22, 2012

Guest Post - Top Places to Visit in Singapore if Money is Not an Issue

Many people visit Singapore because it offers an excellent opportunity for an incredible holiday at a quality, budget-friendly price. What if, however, money wasn't an issue on your upcoming holiday? What if you wanted to see the very best that Singapore has to offer no matter what the cost might be? The first step would be to hire a limo service in Singapore so that you can arrive to each attraction in the luxury that you deserve!

After you've done that, here are some of the top places for your consideration:
Flight Experience Singapore: Do you love to fly? Have you always imagined what it would be like to sit at the controls of a commercial airliner? You'll get that opportunity with a visit to Flight Experience Singapore. With over 24,000 different airports programmed into the simulator, you can book a unique flight plan! Pick up passengers, refine your take-offs and landings, and enjoy flights over iconic landmarks with the full 180 degree wrap-around screen. Don't forget a DVD of your flight too! Admission: Up to $395 per person

Enjoy Dinner on the Singapore Flyer: Over the course of an hour, you'll get to enjoy a full four course dinner while getting to enjoy an above the ground look at the beauty of Singapore. Butlers provide the meal to you in a shared dining capsule that seats up to 10 and you'll be able to enjoy your meal, fresh coffee or tea, and an incredible view as you reach 541 feet in height. Taller than the London Eye, you'll be treated like the VIP you really are. Prices begin at $127 for this experience and you must book your meal at the time of your reservation, otherwise you will receive their chicken dinner as a default.

Universal Studios Singapore: One of the most expensive attractions in Singapore is the Universal Studios theme park. Ticket prices begin at $74 per person, which includes access to 24 rides. The highlight of the experience at Universal Studios are the dueling roller coasters that brush past each other with several “near misses,” making it seem like you and the other passengers are having a battle in the sky! Many of the attractions within the park are Singapore specific, so even if you've been to other similar theme parks, you'll still get a completely unique experience here.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark: For one of the most incredible experiences you'll ever have, try floating in the endless pool at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. This infinity pool lets you literally swim at the top of the world! Located 57 stories high against the Singapore skyline, you'll get an amazing view of everything that makes Singapore such a special place! At night, enjoy the lights of Singapore as you sip a cocktail on a lounge chair on the pool deck. To access the pool, you must be a registered guest of the hotel.

Singapore has a lot to offer anyone... on any budget! Why not try these unique attractions on your next holiday?

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